Parker McCollum Defends Morgan Wallen Over Tweet Slamming Morgan’s New Music: “People Talk Sh*t On Everything In This World”

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Parker McCollum is coming to the defense of fellow country star Morgan Wallen.

Morgan just announced his third studio album One Thing At A Time yesterday, and last night, he dropped three new singles from the project, including “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” “I Wrote The Book.”

Of course, there are tons of mixed reviews on the new music, with plenty of people saying they love the songs and plenty saying they don’t, which is a pretty standard response towards his music at this point.

One fan in particular took to Twitter to express some negative thoughts on the trio of songs, tweeting out a screenshot of them on Spotify and saying:

“In case y’all were wondering these songs are not good.”

I mean, it’s definitely not the harshest take I’ve seen about them, but it’s certainly not a glowing review, either.

Somehow, Parker saw the tweet, and had a lot to say in defense of Morgan and opinions on music in general.

In addition to saying the songs aren’t bad, it’s simply an opinion that “you don’t like them,” Parker said that music should be the one thing we “just let be,” which I do agree with to a certain extent, because music is one of the most subjective things in the world.

He mostly seemed frustrated by the fact that people “talk shit on everything in this world” on Twitter every day:

“No you just don’t like them. If somebody likes it and thinks it’s good, then it’s good to them. People talk shit on everything in this world every single day on this app.

Let music be the one thing we just let be. Promote what you love and forget about what you don’t like.”

While my momma always taught me that, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, it is Twitter, so it’s pretty par for the course for people to talk shit and express negative opinions.

I feel like that’s become the entire point of the app, but I digress…

Here’s Parker’s full response and the original tweet:

You can check out Morgan’s new tunes for yourself here and see what you think:

“Last Night”

“Everything I Love”

“I Wrote The Book”

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