AJ’s Good Time Bar To Honor Late Alan Jackson Super Fan With Display

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Last week, we shared the story about Mary Anne “Marie” Gallant, the Alan Jackson super fan from Maine who had a tattoo of AJ’s face on her back, and he once even brought her on stage to take a closer look at it, while also dancing to his song “Remember When.”

Needless to say, it was a moment that Gallant would never forget, up until she passed away at the age of 80.

Before she passed, she had one request to her daughter, Sue Castle:

“When I die, I want my ashes spread over Alan Jackson’s house.”

Sure enough, Castle intended on going through with her late mother’s wishes, as she planned to drop her mother’s ashes over Jackson’s Nashville home by flying over it in a helicopter.

Castle also requested that AJ’s Good Time Bar in Nashville would take in the display she created for her mother, which featured a 1965 Mustang (her mother’s favorite), and a tiny figure at its wheel that looked like Gallant, along with several pictures of Gallant and Jackson.

With that being said, AJ’s Good Time Bar has happily accepted the request.

According to the Sun Journal, when Castle made her trip to Nashville to fulfill her mother’s request, she made a stop at the four-story AJ’s Good Time Bar, and spoke with a bartender about the display.

Sure enough, the bartender immediately realized who she was talking to.

She said:

“Oh, my God, are you the one?”

Castle was then given free drinks, and the manager came out to see her.

Castle recalled:

“They already knew I was going to show up.”

The manager said that Jackson had read the news story as well, and he even remembered the moment he shared with Gallant at his concert in Portland years back.

Jackson told the manager that she was a “sweet lady.”

During Castle’s stay at the bar, the manager showed her around for the next couple of hours, telling the stories behind each display piece. She even got T-shirts and other trinkets, and she was told that she could eat and drink for free anytime she showed up to AJ’s Good Time Bar.

Castle then mentioned the display, and asked if he’d be interested in putting the display up, and the manager gladly agreed.

She couldn’t contain her excitement:

“It was amazing. We had a really good time.”

However, she took the ashes back home with her, considering Jackson’s home is very private and they weren’t even sure where it was to begin with.

During her Nashville stay, Castle also got to share the story with a local radio station while she was touring the city.

Talk about a heartwarming story for your Friday.

And of course, crank it up:

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