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Thomas Rhett landed on the country music scene in 2012 with his debut single, “Something To Do With My Hands.” Since then, Rhett has built a career full of consistent hit songs and many awards and accolades. Rhett has also built a dedicated fanbase that can be attributed to his talented singing and songwriting, his entertaining shows, but also the vulnerability and honesty he often infuses into his music. Many of Rhett’s most successful singles are ones he wrote about his real life and country music fans have rewarded him for it.

Here are the Top 10+ Thomas Rhett songs.

(Arranged chronologically)

  1. “Beer with Jesus” — from It Goes Like This

While it wasn’t his debut single, “Beer With Jesus” is a song that grabbed the attention of country music listeners and introduced them to Rhett, who was an unknown artist to many at the time. Released in 2012, the song shows a soft side to the singer, as he wonders what it would be like to have a beer with Jesus and be able to ask important questions. This sincere sentiment is combined with acoustic guitar instrumentation which allows the lyrics to shine through. In the chorus, Rhett sings of the questions he’d ask, including “How’d you turn the other cheek to save a sorry soul like me? / Do you hear the prayers I send? / What happens when life ends? And when you think you’re comin’ back again?” While the song did not quite reach the heights of his later releases, it peaked within the Top 20 on the chart and was certified Gold.

2. “It Goes Like This” — from It Goes Like This

Rhett earned his first number one and his first Platinum song (3x Platinum, that is!) with his third single and the album’s title track, “It Goes Like This.” This single introduced fans to the upbeat, good-time tunes that would characterize the first few years of Rhett’s career. While songs about a night out with a girl were popular in 2013, “It Goes Like This” is unique in that compares the way Rhett feels about the woman to a song. In the first line, Rhett sings, “Hey girl, you make me want to write a song,” and then the chorus includes all the things he would put in that song. “And it goes like hey, girl I’m blown away / Yeah it starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss / Yeah it goes like this,” he sings. The song was Rhett’s first big hit, taking the top spot and earning some very heavy metal.

3. “Crash And Burn” — from Tangled Up

For the debut single from his second album, Tangled Up, Rhett released “Crash And Burn,” a lighthearted take on a breakup. Rhett sings the song from a perspective of a guy who just can’t seem to keep a relationship going. While the lyrics alone paint a sad picture with mention of “lonely calling” and “teardrops falling down,” the music turns the tune into a fun and humorous take on the end of a relationship, characterizing Rhett as a man a bit oblivious about the workings of love. The song marked a sonic evolution for Rhett, as it introduced a unique modern country mix that added a new layer to country radio. The song took the number one spot on the Country Airplay chart and was certified 2x Platinum.

4. “Die A Happy Man” — from Tangled Up

By 2015, Thomas Rhett was enjoying a very successful young career with four number ones under his belt. When he released “Die A Happy Man” in September of that year, however, he hit another level. The song, from his sophomore album, was Rhett’s first sentimental love song to be released to radio, and it certainly struck a chord with audiences. In the tune, Rhett proclaims his love for his wife, singing that even if he never gets to do certain things in life, like see the northern lights or the Eiffel Tower, he’ll still die happy if he’s with her. Not only was the song Rhett’s first sentimental single about love, it was the first time the singer gave fans a look into his personal life by including his wife, Lauren, in the music video. The song is Rhett’s biggest hit to date, as it spent six weeks atop the Country Airplay charts, was certified 6x Platinum, and earned the singer five awards and a Grammy nomination.

5. “T-Shirt” — from Tangled Up

Once the “Die A Happy Man” era ended, Rhett followed it up with yet another hit from Tangled Up: the energetic “T-Shirt.” This song differed from “Die A Happy Man,” which was clearly written about a committed relationship, and instead told a steamy story about the earlier stages of a relationship when a night of drinking with a love interest ends up back at his place. Sonically, this song continued the unique blend of pop-infused country music introduced by Rhett on the album. “T-Shirt” became Rhett’s sixth consecutive number one on the Country Airplay chart and was certified 2x Platinum.

6. “Craving You” — from Life Changes

It’s hard to imagine an album cycle as successful as Thomas Rhett’s Tangled Up, but the singer kept the hits going with his third album, Life Changes. Rhett chose to release “Craving You,” featuring Maren Morris, as the debut single from the album in April 2017. The song is another fast-paced love song, featuring a dance beat and a bit of an ‘80s vibe with electric guitar and synth sounds. In the tune, Rhett and Morris trade lines about an addictive love, comparing the feeling to various vices. “You’re like that cigarette, that shot of hundred proof, no matter how much I get, I’m always craving,” they sing in the chorus. The song reached the number one spot on the charts in July, marking Rhett’s eighth hit song and Morris’ very first time at the top of the charts. The tune was also certified Platinum and nominated for many awards.

7. “Marry Me” — from Life Changes

After releasing a stream of uptempo tunes for almost two years, Rhett slowed things down with the release of “Marry Me” in 2017. At first listen, “Marry Me” seems like a song sung from the perspective of a groom on his wedding day, as Rhett sings of putting his suit on and taking a shot of whiskey before the ceremony. However, as the listener finds out at the end of the first chorus, he is at the wedding of the woman he loves, but she’s marrying someone else. This realization completely changes the context for the rest of the song, as Rhett goes on to sing about how he missed his chance to get her back. Rhett told media outlets at the time that the song was inspired by what he imagine would have happened if he hadn’t tried to get back together with his wife when they were broken up.

8. “Life Changes” – from Life Changes

For the third single from his Life Changes album, Rhett released the highly-personal title track in 2018. In the song, Rhett again gives fans a detailed look into his real life, as he sings about all the life changes he has experienced — from the quick rise of his career, to the adoption of their daughter Willa from Uganda, to the surprise news that they were expecting their second daughter, Ada. The song is full of lyrical gems, including mentions of his notebook of songs that turned into hits and his wife’s own social media popularity. Although the song is very personal to Rhett’s life, to the point where even mentions his wife Lauren by name, it still resonated with fans and took the number one spot on the charts.

9. “Look What God Gave Her” — from Center Point Road

In 2019, Thomas Rhett kicked off the Center Point Road album cycle with “Look What God Gave Her,” a joyful love song about his wife. The tune was a return of sorts to the upbeat, dance-worthy songs on Tangled Up, with an added musical evolution. In the song, Rhett simply sings of all the things he loves about his wife and thanks God for making her the way she is.  Fans can also assume the song’s sentiment extends to his daughters, as his two eldest, Willa and Ada, are featured in the music video alongside his wife. The song became Rhett’s 13th number one song on Country radio.

10. “Remember You Young” – from Center Point Road

While Thomas Rhett has many singles that would deserve to be on this
list, his 2019 release “Remember You Young” strikes the kind of emotional chord
that is hard to ignore. The nostalgic song is about cherishing the younger days
of one’s life. Rhett showcases this in the first verse by singing about the
friends he grew up and how they’ve all moved on in life. In the second verse,
he sings about his now-wife and how he’ll always remember their young memories.
In the third verse, he sings about his young daughters, who he will always
remember as babies crawling on the floor. And then in the final verse, he
drives the theme home by singing about going to heaven someday and hoping God
will remember him as young and innocent. The emotion of the song is compounded
by the simple piano instrumentation that builds throughout the song. “Remember
You Young” was yet another number one for Rhett.

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