Sturgill Simpson & K-Pop: The Kind Of Unity We Need In 2020

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Sturgill Simpson is at it again.

Cuttin’ Grass – Volume 1 was released mid-October and immediately shot up the album charts. Honestly, not a surprise to those paying attention. Sturgill’s fanbase is diehard and I can imagine the bluegrass community was tickled pink with this release. The weirdness started when another rabid fanbase took notice of the album’s success…

The K-Pop girl group Loona released an album titled [12:00] just a few days after Sturgill, and it started selling like CRAZY. But there was one problem… the album was having a hard time overtaking one of Kentucky’s finest, and K-Pop Twitter got PISSED.

Never missing a moment for some fun, Sturgill posted the below two screenshots on Instagram, noting how absolutely insane a Bluegrass vs Korean Pop rivalry is. Classic 2020.

But the tides started turning when he downloaded the album and gave it a listen with his kids.

Within hours, he posted twice more saying it was STACKED with heaters, his favorite being “Why Not.” He also addressed some comments questioning the intent of his posts in a message of support and unity, something we all agree we can use a bit more of these days.

“Been listening to [12:00] all morning with my kids and “Why Not” is the jam! Cuttin’ Grass Volume II “The STOONA Sessions”… MUST happen!

I’d share a stage with these girls anytime and Ive been to South Korea (Busan & Pohang) and Id go back in a second to play music there some day.

Togetherness, fun, and healing… period.”

How fantastic is that picture? Can you say Seoul-mates? (sorry… I couldn’t resist).

As soon as Loona fans realized Sturgill wasn’t trolling, they actually rallied together and gave their support for him, and the collaboration effort. A full 180 from the initial pushback, and a heartwarming redemption story for the ages.

Here’s a couple of the more colorful comments on his Instagram post:

“Sturgill! I wanna say, at first I thought you were a dick but you’ve won my orbit heart with your friendly spirit and your cheerful kinda dark humor!”


Honestly, I can get behind some K-Grass action.

Who better to bridge the oceans between foreign pop and downhome twang than the man who bridged space and time with psychedelic country? And speaking of psychedelic country, in the midst of all this, Metamodern Sounds of Country Music went Gold… an absolute hell of a run for the Dick Daddy.

After a few days of radio-silence, Sturgill posted another phenomenal photoshop of him and the girls, offering his Number 24 spot on the Billboard charts to Loona and encouraging his fans to pump them up.

What a wild turn of events.

From K-Pop and Bluegrass squaring off on the Twitter battleground to a possible collaboration of polar opposite icons. You just absolutely love to see it.

P.S. – I can dig Sturgill with long hair. He’s like a mix of Stapleton and Jesus.

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